I’ve Lost My Diamond Certificate – What Should I Do Now?


What should I do If I’ve Lost My Diamond Certificate? Losing items is an everyday experience but in jewelry is not easy. Everyone at some point in their life loses both personal and sentimental items. From cellphones to car keys to pieces of jewelry, even belongings that are owned by family or friends, which is even […]

The Importance of the GIA Inscription


If you can’t find GIA inscription on a diamond, there is a high chance the stone is fake or a lab-grown diamond.   The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world’s leading laboratory when it comes to the diamond industry. Diamonds graded by GIA undergo a thorough testing process to guarantee that finished diamonds […]

Do diamonds hold value? Top Expert Reasons you should know


A frequently asked question in the diamond market is, “Do diamonds hold value?” The answer to this question is dependent on multiple factors. Some think it’s the type of diamond and others may say it has to do with the age of the stone. The truth is just like any other market the main factor […]

Pink Diamond Chart (The Complete Guide for Buyers)


The Pink Diamond, like a red or blue diamond, is a fancy-coloured diamond. However, unlike other stones, the pink colour possessed by this kind of diamond is not a result of impurities. They are rare and very valuable.  Table of Contents Pink Diamond Origin   Over the years, pink diamonds have been found and produced […]

5 Alarming Things to Know About Your Jewellery Valuation 

Jewellery Valuation

Jewellery valuation could be tricky and it’s not a surprise that several of our customers tell us that prices they have been previously quoted for differ significantly. Jewellery valuation depends on many factors used to determine the final price of your item. Let’s explore this topic and understand how jewellery valuation works so you can […]

How To Sell A Diamond Ring For The Most Money In Sydney?

How To Sell A Diamond Ring For The Most Money In Sydney

This is a complete guide on how you can sell your engagement ring for the most money in Sydney. In this new guide you will learn: How to check the current monetary value of your diamonds. How to get the best offer in Sydney. Where you can sell your diamonds in Sydney. What are the […]