The Importance of the GIA Inscription


If you can’t find GIA inscription on a diamond, there is a high chance the stone is fake or a lab-grown diamond.  

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the world’s leading laboratory when it comes to the diamond industry. Diamonds graded by GIA undergo a thorough testing process to guarantee that finished diamonds in the market are genuine. 

You can sell your GIA certified diamond necklace/bracelet, engagement or loose diamonds found at the bottom of your jewelry box to diamond buyers for quick cash. Without the GIA inscription your jewellery might be worth less, so it’s always important to check it before buying or selling. Remember that you cannot get back the retail price you paid for the jewellery unless you sell it directly to another customer. 

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Diamond with GIA Certificate


Although many jewelers use the word “GIA certified diamond,” it is a misnomer. GIA does not certify, sell or buy diamonds. It only grades them. The correct term to use is “GIA Diamond Report.” 

A diamond with GIA “certificate” confirms that it has undergone a thorough GIA grading process. If you want a high-quality diamond, look for GIA-graded diamonds accompanied by the grading reports. The report includes the results of its evaluation of a singular diamond.  

Laser Inscription 

Laser inscription involves using laser beams to inscribe letters or numbers on objects, such as diamonds. A diamond laser inscription is a combination of numbers and letters or artwork engraved on a diamond, mainly on the stone’s girdle. The inscription is a unique way to link a GIA report to a particular diamond. Diamonds are laser inscribed by the grading lab, where they are certified.  

Diamond inscriptions are helpful when it comes to protecting yourself from fraud and fake stones. Always check your stone’s inscription to ensure it is the same diamond. Here are facts about laser inscriptions: 

  • They do not damage your gem in anyway. 
  • Be cautious because they can be counterfeited, therefore it’s better to trade with trusted institutes. 
  • A professional diamond cutter can remove laser inscriptions.

Do GIA Diamonds Have Laser Inscription?

Yes, GIA-graded diamonds have laser inscriptions. A laser inscription of the GIA report number is found on the diamond’s surface. The number is entered into the GIA report check for verification which should be in their data base. If a seller claims a diamond is GIA-graded, and you can’t find GIA inscription, do not purchase the diamond.  


How to Read GIA Report 

GIA reports are comprehensive and contain much information. They tend to become confusing for people that are not familiar with them, but don’t panic. Here are the primary points to look out for to understand the GIA diamond report: 

  • GIA logo: Many other companies may have similar symbols but different grading. The GIA logo has security features like a logo watermark, microprint lines, and hologram. 


  • Date: Check the date of the diamond’s evaluation at the GIA. It gives you an idea of how long the store held the gem. Request for a new report if the date is older than five years. Just to check if the diamond was damaged during that period of time.  


  • Report number: All GIA reports have a unique number at the top. The number is inscribed in the diamond and recorded in a database. Compare the numbers to verify they match. Do not buy if you can’t find GIA inscription.  


  • The 4 C’s: A diamond report contains information about the carat weight, color, clarity, and a description of the cut(shape) of the diamond. It also includes information on fluorescence, finish, polish, and symmetry. 


  • Comments: The comment section is for additional points not mentioned in the report but relevant to identifying the stone. 


  • Price: GIA reports do not include the price of a diamond. They are not interested in the diamond’s worth. If you see a diamond price on a report, be careful, it is not GIA-graded. 


  • QR Code: All GIA reports issued after 2014 have a QR code. It verifies the report data with the online database when scanned with a phone.  
  • GIA disclaimer: The disclaimer states that the diamond report is not a guarantee or an appraisal.  

How to Read GIA Report

How to Match Diamond with GIA Certificate 

do diamonds hold value report

The most important aspect to cover is to check if the diamond purchased is the same one described in the report. Here are ways you can verify that the diamond matches its certificate: 

  • Measure the weight of the diamond. You can use tools in a jeweller’s store to measure the length, height, width, weight, and size of the gem to see if the values match the ones on the report. 
  • Check the laser inscribed number on the diamond with a microscope in the store to verify if they match the one on the certificate. If they fit, Bingo! Two diamonds cannot have the same number (but fakes too exist, so always be cautious).  
  • Take a closer look at the diamond to see any flaws and see if they are reported. Some blemishes and scratches are too small to be noticed.  
  • Confirm the report number on GIA Report Check.  

How Can I Confirm That a GIA Grading Report is Genuine?

All reports by GIA include security features, like microprint lines, a hologram, and a security screen. These security features prevent GIA grading reports from duplication and forgery. In addition, GIA’s Report Check services can confirm whether the information on the reported tally with the record in the GIA database. 

Counterfeits are everywhere in the jewelry industry. Only professionals and well-informed people can tell fake from the original. No one wants a replica and you would need to ensure you have a GIA inscription that matches the GIA certificate for your diamond. Owning diamond jewelry is not an investment. So typically, you can only sell them for cash at a lower price than you bought them. Selling a GIA diamond makes the process faster.  

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