I’ve Lost My Diamond Certificate – What Should I Do Now?


What should I do If I’ve Lost My Diamond Certificate? Losing items is an everyday experience but in jewelry is not easy. Everyone at some point in their life loses both personal and sentimental items. From cellphones to car keys to pieces of jewelry, even belongings that are owned by family or friends, which is even worse. Losing things can spike anxiety and frustration in anyone. You feel agitated and begin to search the whole house or ask everyone, “has anyone seen my diamond earrings?”.

Now imagine you wake up one morning badly in need of cash. You search your jewellery box and decide to sell your diamond ring. You check the pack of files on your desk for your diamond certificate and you can’t find it. You mumble, “I’ve lost my diamond certificate; will any jeweller buy this ring from me?”. Well, there’s good news. This article has put together a step-by-step journey to redeem your certificate. Keep reading to find out more.  

Although diamonds have resale value, no jewellery buyer will buy your second-hand jewellery for more than the retail price. So, expecting a higher payment from the “sentimental” price you originally paid for your diamond engagement ring is not feasible. Especially without a diamond certificate.

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How Can I Tell That A Diamond is real?

Although there are various home tests to confirm if your diamond is real. It is advised to seek the help of a professional expert. A skilled gemologist quickly knows how to tell if a diamond is real or fake. Some of the several methods and tools used by diamond professionals to determine if a diamond is real include: 

1. Inspection with a Loupe 

A Loupe is a special magnifying glass used by experts to identify the presence of blemishes in diamonds, jewellery, and other precious stones. A real diamond will have little imperfections (inclusions), while a fake diamond looks perfect. 

2. High Profile Weighing 

Gemologists and jewelers always have a calibrated scale that can measure slight weight differences. The weight of a fake diamond is higher than that of a real diamond. Only these unique scales can detect these little differences. 

i've lost my diamond certificate

3. X-ray Examination 

Professionals use x-ray machines to tell if your stone has a radiopaque molecular structure or a radiolucent molecular structure. Fake diamonds have radiopaque features, while real stones are radiolucent. 

4. Using a Microscope 

Jewelers and gemologists can scrutinize the details of a stone on a power microscope with a 1200x magnification. This high magnification can reveal the presence of inclusions and little differences present in real diamonds. 

5. Examining with a Diamond Tester 

A diamond tester determines the ability of a stone to produce heat (thermal conductivity). Diamonds are excellent heat conductors. They quickly disperse heat after warming. If your gemstone dissipates heat slowly after warming, it is fake. 

Can You Get a New Diamond Certificate?

The short answer is yes, one of the services offered by gemological laboratories is diamond certification. Your diamond is examined using various criteria, and a report containing the assessment results is issued. To have your diamond certified, you must send it to a verified laboratory for examination or find a reputable local jeweller retailer for convenience. Most jewellery retailers are qualified to assess your stone. 

i've lost my diamond certificate

During the assessment, your diamond can be laser inscribed with a number, symbol, or a special date. The inscription and other data, including the quality of your stone based on Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat weight, are documented. After the assessment, you receive your certificate. Even though you receive a report, the data are permanently stored on a database, which you can access anytime via the internet.

How Do I Get My Original Diamond Certificate?

Possessing a diamond certificate confirms the value of your stone. However, after obtaining the original certificate for your diamond jewellery, you decided to move to a new apartment. While packing and unpacking, you lose the certificate. 

Your first thought is, “Oh My God! I’ve lost my diamond certificate.” Then you begin to panic. Many questions like “Can I get a new one?” run through your mind. What are the options you have if you find yourself in this situation? Let’s look at some of these options. If your diamond has a GIA number, you can: 

  • Go back to the original invoice received during the purchase. It might contain the GIA number. 
  • Communicate with the dealer who sold you the diamond. Most jewelers keep records of sales which may include you GIA number.  
  •  Use a lens to search for the GIA number on the diamond. All GIA-certified diamonds have numbers inscribed on their surface.

i've lost my diamond certificate

Lucky you if you find the number. Although GIA does not offer duplicate reports, you can visit the GIA page online to view the information about your stone through a Report Check. Correctly fill out your certification number, download it, and save a copy. It is usually available in a PDF version which you can print. Ensure you keep your new copies (electronic and physical versions) safe. 

Reliable Diamond Certification 

Many different types of laboratories can issue diamond certificates. Some are consistent with their assessment methodologies, while others are inconsistent. All in all, it is better to get the best certification you can find in the market. As you continue reading this article, you will find reliable diamond certifications with the most consistent grading. The best ones we recommend include: 

1. GIA Certification 

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the most consistent and gives you high assurance when buying a diamond. GIA-graded diamonds are laser inscribed with numbers. If a jeweller claims that a diamond is GIA-graded and you can’t find a GIA inscription, do not buy it. 

2. HRD Certification 

Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) is a European diamond grading laboratory. HRD-graded diamonds are always priced higher than similar diamonds graded by the GIA. This has to do with branding and more trust in the certificate. Diamond companies make significant profits from selling HRD diamonds. 

3. GSL Certification 

Gem Studies Laboratory (GSL) is Australia’s leading gemological and diamond grading laboratory. GSL offers complete grading and jewellery appraisal services to retailers and consumers. 


Diamond certificates are of great importance. However, if you lost your certificate, the good news is you can retrieve and redeem your certificate with the step-by-step guide provided in this article. Also, don’t forget that selling your diamond jewellery will not fetch you an amount higher than your original price, always expect somewhat a price that is 50% or even less if you brought your diamond in a retail shop.   

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