Pink Diamond Chart (The Complete Guide for Buyers)


The Pink Diamond, like a red or blue diamond, is a fancy-coloured diamond. However, unlike other stones, the pink colour possessed by this kind of diamond is not a result of impurities. They are rare and very valuable. 

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Pink Diamond Origin


Over the years, pink diamonds have been found and produced in various places like Australia, South Africa, India, Brazil, Canada, and Russia. Additionally, Western Australia, home to the Argyle diamond mine, was the most popular supplier of pink diamonds. The Argyle mine, though closed after almost four decades of operation, was producing over 90 percent of pink diamonds in the market. 

While gemologists are unable to place the reason for the pink hue of the pink diamond, there are some theories behind it. Some believe the colour was formed from a seismic shock impacting thing molecular structure of the diamond, while others believe it occurs during formation as a result of very high pressure. Regardless of the uncertainty of the pink diamond’s origin, it has grown in popularity and value.

Pink Diamond Value


pink diamond value-min

The rarity of pink diamonds is equivalent to their value. In truth, the rarest pink diamonds tend to experience an unprecedented growth rate in value. The prices of pink diamonds tend to rapidly increase as the colour, intensity, and colour grows. 

As a potential buyer of or investor in Pink Diamonds, understanding the Pink Diamond Chart is important. Both GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and Argyle Company have different charts based on different grading methods. However, to grasp the value and necessity of the Pink Diamond chart, one would need to clearly understand the 4C’s (Clarity, Colour, Carat, Cut). These variables, when slightly different, can cause a massive change in the value of the stone. 



This refers to the placement, visibility, and size of blemishes or inclusions that are absent or present in a pink diamond. It ranges from Flawless (FL) to Inclusions (I3). However, the imperfections of pink diamonds add to their beauty, so clarity has the least effect on the value of pink diamonds. While high clarity is still very appealing and can affect the price, a bigger and intensely coloured pink diamond becomes weaker in clarity.  

pink diamond clarity



As this quality implies, it represents the colour and intensity of Pink diamonds. Contacting a diamond expert, that is well-versed with the Pink diamond chart, would come in handy in the evaluation of a pink diamond. This will ensure you get the right value for the cost of the gemstone as it really isn’t as straightforward as a basic white diamond. 

Pink diamonds usually have a secondary tone or hue in addition to the main hue like purple, orange, or brown. The overtone contributes to the value. Both the GIA and Argyle Company have different scales for intensity. While GIA grades on colour and then intensity, Argyle Company grades both simultaneously. This is usually represented by the pink diamond chart. 

For GIA, the scale goes like this:

    • Faint 
    • Very Light 
    • Light 
    • Fancy Light 
    • Fancy
    • Fancy Intense 
    • Fancy Vivid, Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark 


pink diamond chart clarity

The Argyle Company grading is different for its pink diamonds, and they are divided into four (4) major colour categories. This is further divided into numbers representing intensity, with 1 being the most intense colour and 9 being the least intense. 

The grades are:

    • Purplish Pink (1PP to 9PP) 
    • Pink (1P to 9P) 
    • Pink Rose (1PR to 9PR) 
    • Pink Champagne (PC3 to PC1) 
    • The Pink Champagne is an exception as PC1 has the lightest colour intensity. 





Carat has to do with the size and weight of the pink diamond. The weight/size is on the same importance scale as the colour intensity of the diamond. A 0.20ct pink diamond or larger is a premium piece and is a great investment as they are rare. As the carats reduce, the less the growth rate in the value of the diamond. 

diamond carat


This has to do with the proportion, symmetry, and polish of the diamond. Pink Diamonds, like regular diamonds, come in different cuts. They are either Round Brilliant Cuts and Traditional Fancy Cuts (like Cushion, Radiant, Pear, Princess, Oval, Emerald, Asscher, Heart, and Marquise). The fancy and modified cuts tend to retail less because of the popularity and additional cutting wastage.  



For many pink diamonds, a GIA Certificate or an Argyle certificate are great certifications to have. While a GIA certification is the standard for gemstones, an Argyle certificate would be an added advantage if you want to invest in Pink Diamonds.  

  • GIA Certification 

White/colourless diamonds are graded from D to Z. Grade Z is the lowest grade with more colours, and D is the highest grade with basically no colour. This is different for fancy-coloured diamonds as high colour intensity means it is a higher grade. So, the pink diamond chart starts where the white diamond chart ends. Ensure your pink diamond comes with a GIA certification for re-selling or insurance purposes. 

diamond certf gia-min

  •  Argyle Certification 

On purchasing an Argyle diamond, this certification is given alongside the GIA certification. As almost ninety percent of pink diamonds are supplied by argyle diamonds, this certification is important. It is also very important to ensure that if you’re getting an Argyle diamond, you get the certification. This helps you avoid con artists. It also is necessary if you’re looking to invest in the company’s pink diamonds. 

pink diamond certf ag

In conclusion, every buyer needs to do two major things. They need to have a clear budget to narrow down their options before going into the diamond market for pink diamonds. Secondly, they need to understand the pink diamond chart to influence their decision on the kind of colour intensity that they want. 

It is already a known fact that pink diamonds are not cheap. Only a few are produced annually, and in combination with strategic marketing efforts, the prices of pink diamonds have significantly increased. If you are looking to get a pink diamond for personal use and want beauty with an affordable price tag, there are less expensive lab-grown fancy-coloured diamonds available. 

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