Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds When selling a diamond you want the best price you can get, as well as an easy stress free experience. At Sell Engagement Ring, one of our professional jewellers will expertly appraise your diamond and offer you top price guaranteed.

Selling a diamond will ensure you get the best return on your investment. We have a team of gemstone experts who will value your diamond. We buy and sell diamonds daily, understanding our market means we are able to offer an accurate valuation because we will be recycling the diamonds ourselves; there are no third parties involved.
Pawnbrokers, local jewellers, or some online buyers may not have the necessary experience or market knowledge to offer such a competitive price.
Why Grace City Jewellers is one of Australia’s leading diamond buyers?
1. Award Winning Specialists
We are an awarding winning specialist diamond buyer. We have assisted customers from all around Australia and ensured they received the best price for their diamonds. If you need to sell a diamond, one of our experienced jewellers at Sell Engagement Ring will provide you with a free and competitive appraisal.

2. Quick and Efficient Service
Our friendly and experienced staff at Sell Engagement Ring strive to provide you an efficient and confidential way of selling your diamonds jewellery at competitive prices.

3. Professional and Competitive Appraisal

At Sell Engagement Ring we have experienced jewellers and gemologists as part of our team. This mean your diamond will be expertly evaluated every time. Once our professional jewellers expertly appraise your engagement ring, they will talk you through its value in a friendly easy to understand way. We always offer a quick process and pay instant cash with minimal paper work.

You can call our Sydney office on (02) 9299 8070 at any time during office hours and one of our friendly Grace City Jewellers staff members will be waiting to speak to you and answer any questions you may have regarding selling your diamond Ring.